Is it (still) the right time to invest in Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin (BTC) is once again talking about it in this time of economic and health crisis. This enthusiasm is largely linked to exceptional performance in a tumultuous market. The emergence of a new digital asset class is a boon for investors seeking diversification. However, this is accompanied by significant volatility, which it is now possible to tame.

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Successive economic crises are making traditional financial markets more and more crumbly. A system of communicating vessels that seems to be turning to the advantage of Bitcoin Profit. The latter asserts itself on a daily basis as a logical contender for the future ultimate store of value , but also a diversification tool that is becoming difficult to ignore.

A new ATH for Bitcoin

This new reality greatly appeals to institutional players , little known for their love of risk, but in dire need of diversification. Bitcoin and the attainment of a new ATH in the midst of the Covid 19 crisis has had the gift of whetting the appetite of investment funds, which were once skeptical.

The preconceived ideas are indeed upset and force the institutions to review their positions . The PayPal company recently integrated Bitcoin into its payment solutions. Billionaire and fund manager Ray Dalio even explains on Twitter that he “ may have missed something about Bitcoin .”

The finding is similar for retail investors . Still followers of potentially asymmetric income, their main concern is quite different. Without real trading fundamentals, they are faced with extreme volatility which often leaves room for frustration.

This emotional charge induced by sudden and unexpected market movements profoundly changes the attitude of traders, both confirmed and beginners. In order to approach the markets more calmly, they use trading bot services, of which Napbots is one of the major outsiders.