FLC Launches in Hong Kong to Revolutionize Decentralized AI

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• Federated Learning Consortium (FLC) is set to launch in Hong Kong, China as a for-profit research consortium.
• FLC’s vision is centered on researching, developing, and promoting cutting-edge technologies surrounding federated AI.
• Organizations that join FLC will be able to deliver new technology solutions that were not possible on a standalone basis.

Federated Learning Consortium Launches in Hong Kong

The Federated Learning Consortium (FLC) is set to launch as a for-profit research consortium in Hong Kong, China. Founded by blockchain technology platform Phoenix and leading China-based consumer data and AI company APEX Technologies, the organization will focus on researching, developing, and promoting cutting-edge technologies surrounding federated AI.

Open Membership for Technology Companies

Organizational membership will be open to AI related technology firms, blockchain firms, and system integrators – the goal is to be able to provide holistic, implementable, and highly performant solutions for the broader market. Currently FLC already has an initial roster of machine learning and federated learning experts from leading China-based firms such as HuaAT (华院数据), FuData (富数科技), and Tencent. Individual membership is also available for academics and industry experts.

Research Focus

FLC will be focused on developing technology solutions for various different verticals including retail, financial services, automotive, asset management, IoT, and government. This includes combining large-dataset deep learning technologies such as reinforcement learning with highly performant infrastructures using GPU computing using a decentralized/federated approach as well as exploring blockchain-enabled AI , multi-party computation (MPC), and TEE (trusted execution environment).

Benefits of Joining FLC

Through internal partnerships and joint research projects within the organization members can deliver new techonology solutions that would not have been possible previously on their own. By joining FLC organizations can gain access to cutting edge technologies which they can use to develop innovating products or services within their verticals of focus while also gaining visibility amongst other members in the field of federatedAI .


The Federated Learning Consortium (FLC) launching in Hong Kong provides an opportunity for organizations interested in leveraging cutting edge technologies such as federated learning or blockchains enabled AI among others , access resources which otherwise would have been difficult or impossible if attempted alone . Additionally individual experts are welcomed into FLC providing them an opportunity to collaborate with like minded people from across industries .